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Flood Flaps® Earns ICC-ES Evaluation Report (See ESR#3560), effective September 1, 2014

ICC Evaluation Report ESR-3560 (1)

Are you in a floodplain? Do you need help understanding the rising flood insurance premiums?

Flood Flaps offer a simple, affordable and energy efficient solution to protect your home from the potential destruction of natural disasters resulting in flooding. Flood Flaps is currently the only product on the market that can completely seal the crawl space while still allowing for optimal flood water flow.

Flood Flaps allow the unobstructed passage of water automatically in both directions in to or out of the interior of the structure. Flood Flaps are intended to reduce the risk of structural damage from the forces of floods or flood waters for structures located in special flood hazard areas in accordance with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Flood Flaps vents relieve hydrostatic pressure on the foundation walls to help prevent and minimize structural damage to the building.

Flood Flaps may substantially reduce the destruction and damage to your home during a flood event. You may even qualify for a discount or reduced premium on your current flood insurance policy by installing Flood Flaps.

Check with your insurance agent to determine if you qualify for a discount on your existing flood insurance policy by adding Flood Flaps.

Why Flood Flaps?

  • Savings on NFIP flood insurance premiums
  • FEMA accepted
  • Allows water to enter or exit an enclosure
  • Protects home by sealing out air, moisture and humidity (sealed series)
  • Protects 220 sq. ft. of enclosed area, more than all other certified vents
  • Will not rust or pit, no maintenance, rinsing or lubricating required
  • Pest and debris resistant in non-flood situations
  • Helps reduce energy costs (sealed series)

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